Il principio di partecipazione popolare nella nuova costituzione cubana

  • Lucia G. Sciannella


Abstract: The Principle of Popular Participation in the new Cuban Constitution – This article to consider the current process of constitutional revision in Cuba, a traditional Marxist- Leninist State in the process of self-transformation. In recent years the Cuban government has launched a vast constitutional reform process to modify the 1976 Constitution (last revision in 2002). In this case, the Cuban Communist Party and the state institution attempted to invoke the mechanics of popular participation to attempt to guide such participation. Despite these efforts, popular participation in the 2019 Cuban Constitution reform process has taken on unique elements. In particular, the most important aspect consists in the fact that this popular participation took place largely outside the structures of the Communist Party and state bodies. This article examines the challenges, contradictions and potential elements of this new form of "deliberative democracy", which seems to concern not only the Cuban state, but also the Chinese one.

Apr 20, 2020
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