Leadership del Primo Ministro: nuove sfide per la Costituzione britannica?

: The Prime Minister’s Leadership: New Challenges for the British Constitution”?

  • Sara Pennicino
  • Giovanna Tieghi


Abstract:  The Prime Minister’s Leadership:  New Challenges for the British Constitution”? – The epilogue of the UK 2022 Premiership, with the outgoing Prime Minister’s attempt to interpret the British Constitution on the basis of questionable institutional interests, clearly highlighted the importance of monitoring the institutional dynamics of British contemporary democracy and the difficulties of finding a balance between the continental view and the British outlook. The essay begins by looking at the rise and fall of the Johnson premiership and then goes on to pose the question of whether the UK Constitution still works by making references to certain fundamental elements of the contemporary Westminster Model and underling the relevance of the model in the context of comparative public law. Particular attention is given to the report “A framework for reviewing the UK constitution”, published in 2022 by the Institute for Government and the Bennett Institute for Public Policy. The essay then goes on to address the “myth of stability” and the relationship between political discretionary powers and judicial review. The final part of the essay addresses the relationship between accountability and trust and ends by posing the question of whether the British Constitution has indeed been manipulated due to the Johnson premiership.

Keywords: British Government; Westminster Model; Prime Minister; UK Constitution; Resignation.

Apr 24, 2023
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