Il sistema delle fonti nella nuova Costituzione di Cuba del 2019

  • Romano Orrù


Abstract: The system of sources in the new 2019 Cuban Constitution – The 2019 Constitution of Cuba is not fully successful to give rise to a systematic organization of the system of sources, even if the attempt of the Cuban constituent to lead to a rationalization is clearly detected, as shown by the introduction in the new constitutional text of a partition (Chapter VIII) dedicated to this issue. Such an attempt does not prove to be particularly successful in substance: the main critical point remains the stance of law, which does not seem to acquire a position of supremacy among the sub-constitutional sources. In particular, the indeterminacy of the correlations between the various "primary" sources (law, decree-law and presidential decree) raises the doubt that a unitary system of sources can be regarded or that a system of sources can be considered existing in a proper sense. The entropy of the system of sources which partly typifies the new Cuban Constitution also applies to putting in tension relations between the constitutional bodies that define its form of government.

Apr 20, 2020
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