Los derechos en el constitucionalismo mexicano

Rights in Mexican constitutionalism

  • Giuseppe Franco Ferrari


The essay examines the issue of constitutional rights in the Mexican legal system. From the synthesis of the revolutionaries values incorporated in the Constitution, the work presents the problems related to the absence of a formal category of fundamental rights. In this sense, the integrations elaborated by legal scholars are highlighted on the basis of the international Treaties and the legal theories of Europe. The study continues addressing the issue of civil rights and highlights the high level of protection achieved, as well as the influences of the United States Constitution. Special attention is paid to religious freedom and to the discipline of personal liberties. In the matter of political rights, the right to vote is examined and, above all, the right to petition. From the economic and social point of view, the Constitution is characterized by original models and by the particular attention dedicated to natural resources. The introduction of some specific rights for children is also highlighted, as proof of the particularization of rights. Finally, the different treatment between citizens and foreigners is examined, as a result of the fear of foreign influences.

Oct 16, 2020
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