La Costituzione del Liechtenstein nel diritto comparato

  • Elisa Bertolini


The Constitution of Liechtenstein in a Comparative Law PerspectiveThe article analyses the distinguishing features of the Liechtensteinese constitutional system in a comparative law perspective. More precisely, the aim is to assess whether it is possible to identify similarities is monarchical micro states. The three monarchical micro States, the Principalities of Liechtenstein and of Monaco and the Kingdom of Tonga, which are all characterised by ancient institutional arrangements, do share the form of government of the constitutional monarchy and hence a prominent role assigned to the monarch. Nevertheless, the Liechtensteinese elliptic form of state and double-sovereignty, together with the possibility for the people to propose the abolition of the monarchy and to introduce a vote of no confidence toward the Prince, are unique in the monarchical micro states panorama

Jul 8, 2022
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