Migrazioni africane (subsahariane) dell’Ombudsman

African (Sub-Saharan) migrations of the Ombudsman

  • Mauro Mazza


The present article focuses on the Ombudsman ‘saga’ within the African continent, particularly within Subsaharian Africa. The article purports to analyze three case-studies. Especially, it intends to examine the case of South Africa, Uganda, and Burundi. It further intends to present a comparative analysis of the very understanding of human rights in ‘Black Africa’ and countries belonging to the Western Legal Tradition; and to outline models of democratization which have been emerging at the global level. The foregoing two observation will contribute to build a prediction concerning the role of the Ombudsman within Subsaharian Africa.


Africa, Ombudsman, South Africa, Uganda, Burundi

Feb 13, 2017
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