La privacy nell’era dell’intelligenza artificiale

Privacy in the age of artificial intelligence

  • Tommaso Edoardo Frosini


The right to privacy today has its own particular conformation, just with reference to the needs of protection that can occur through the Internet. In particular, with artificial intelligence, new legal issues referring to privacy may arise. This is what is addressed and discussed in this article. The conclusion, however, is that it does not seem that the EU Regulation (GDPR) is compatible with current models of data flow management, which generate algorithms through which decisions are made in various scientific fields. The article closes with a provocation: it is possible to imagine that on the basis of big data an algorithm could be elaborated that would be able to detect privacy violations, especially the one that deserves more attention and concern: the so-called sensitive data. It would be enough that every time the algorithm identifies a sensitive data processed without the consent of the person concerned, it activates a preventive action of blocking the procedure or a subsequent action with the prescription of a sanction for the violation of the law.

Apr 7, 2022
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