L’anomalia algerina e la sua crisi

  • Emilio Minniti


Abstract: The Algerian anomaly and its crisis – The political-constitutional system of Algeria presents some peculiar characteristics and specificities, which made the evolution of the “Spring” of 2011 substantially anomalous compared to the regional context. In the same way, the recent crisis of the Algerian system appears to be linked to the deep structure of the “social pact” on which independent Algeria was built and to the balance of the forces on which the political-constitutional order has been based up to now. The current phase of instability, in which the country has fallen, does not originate from the need for a recovery of consensus of the class of government, but from the need for a “re-legitimization” of the same in the historical role of lintel of the Algerian institutional system.

Apr 20, 2020
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