Anti-corruzione e Pubblica Amministrazione nell’ordinamento portoghese

Anti-corruption and Public Administration in the Portuguese Legal System

  • Anna Ciammariconi


This paper focuses on the Portuguese legislation concerning the anti-corruption measures in the  exercise of public functions. Particularly, the recent reforms of the Portuguese Penal Code – by means of which repressive measures were increased – are analysed; moreover, other instruments to prevent and combat corruption – which are often adopted as a response to the input deriving from the international community (e.g. the CPC) – are recalled in this article. Nevertheless, the improvement of the set of instruments to fight corruption has not allowed to contain its diffusion in the Public Administration. Undoubtedly, this is a clear sign of the necessity to disseminate a culture of lawfulness, even before acting through repressive measures

Keywords: Anti-corruption legislation; Portuguese Penal Code; Public official; Corruption
Prevention Council.

Apr 10, 2019
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