Le declinazioni territoriali della cittadinanza nel contesto del federalismo dell’immigrazione

The territorial variations of citizenship within immigration federalism

  • Davide Strazzari


Traditionally, immigration is considered a s a power reserved to the national level. However empirical data suggest that subnational measures in this field are a reality in several compound states. They denote different strategy towards immigrants, sometimes favouring them, others assuming an unfriendly approach. The development of these forms of regional citizenship raises important question s : is the subnational regulatory role in immigration matters limited to
reception policies or can it be extended to admission or even deportation? Does immigration federalism change in intensity depending on the type of compound state that is at stake, whether federal or regional? For thos e subnational units where national minorities are settled is immigration a threat or an opportunity? The contribution makes the conclusion that where self government is related to the need to preserve a national minority identity , the devolution in immigration matter is more structured and regional citizenship is consequently easier to grasp. 

Oct 9, 2023
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