Il ripudio alla guerra sospeso tra crisi della democrazia interna e mutamento delle regole internazionali

The rejection of war suspended between the crisis of internal democracy and the change of international rules

  • Alessandra Mazzola


The article focuses on three fundamental aspects related to the Italian pacifist principle. By exploring the substantial foundation of Italy based on the pacifist principle, the article analyzes the conceptual bases that underscore the key role of non-belligerent relations according to the Italian constitutional order. Subsequently, the article examines the legal structures and mechanisms that incorporate and protect this principle within the Italian constitutional order, shedding light on some more recent critical issues (those that emerged during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict). Finally, and specifically considering the identified criticalities, the author focuses on the need to continuously support the “pacifist form of the Republic”. The essay specifically examines the importance of actively supporting the pacifist dimension of the Italian Republic, reflecting on the necessity of pursuing peace as a fundamental value. Additionally, it is noteworthy that the article suggests this interpretation of the pacifist principle signifies one of the defining characteristics of our legal system, as well as the corresponding responsibility to promote peace within and beyond national borders.

Keywords: War; Principle of pace; Legal sources; Centralization of politics; International relations.

May 14, 2024
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