La Pandemia da Covid-19 e il concetto di interdipendenza

The Covid-19 Pandemic and the notion of interdependence

  • Roberto Menotti


In an international and comparative perspective on the state of exception, the concept of interdependence among decisions taken in different countries (which the pandemic has highlighted in a globalized context) is particularly useful. A second comparative element is the fundamental distinction between liberal democracies and authoritarian regimes, but there seems to be no clear correlation between the nature of political regimes and the effectiveness in tackling the Covid-19 challenge through emergency measures. A third point is the danger inherent in the “politics of fear” that has characterized the approach adopted by several leaders: tackling complex emergencies requires the citizens’ consent about rational planning and will not be achieved through states of exceptions alone.

Keywords: Interdependence; Liberal Democracies; Authoritarian Regimes; Political-organizational Effectiveness; Politics of Fear.

Oct 16, 2020
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