La digitalizzazione necessaria dei contratti pubblici: per un’Amazon pubblica

The need of digitalization of public contracts: a Public “Amazon like” model for public procurement

  • Gabriella M. Racca


This article analyses the need to foster digitalization of the public procurement cycle from the definition of needs to the end of the execution steps. Overall digitalization - inclusive of the supply chain - implies the aggregation of public demand and the setting of central purchasing bodies that can manage the whole process and guarantee efficiency and integrity thus encouraging a wider opening of the European internal market. The pandemic made even more evident the need of horizontal administrative cooperation through networks among central purchasing bodies and with the European institutions. Only horizontal and vertical cooperation in the procurement strategies can provide more resilience in case of emergencies. Yet, these networks should cooperate first in times of non-turmoil. Databases of the economic operators should be fully digitalized to create a real value added for the participation to award procedures in the European market. A further trust on the qualification of suppliers would reduce the risks of procurement at any time. Digitalization and networking will provide a favorable environment for innovation and the inclusion of sustainability principles in the procurement strategies for the benefit of EU citizens.

Jan 18, 2021
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